About Us

Dr. David AjibadeDr. David

David Ajibade (pronounced aah-jee-bah-day), M.B; B.S. (MD), MMGT holds a medical degree and has been trained in both general medicine and radiation oncology. In addition, he holds a Masters degree in Business Management, is a published author, former college professor, and a speaker and educator in the fields of health and human potential.

His extensive background in clinical medicine, nutrition, competitive sports, business, the military, ministry, and in volunteer work have all been instrumental in his gaining essential communication and leadership skills, a unique perspective on the human condition, and a deep desire to help people understand how their minds and bodies work.

Also a military veteran, David enjoys playing racquetball (he recently won the 2011 State Singles Championship), chess, reading, and watching historical documentaries.


“Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only but the mind and spirit as well…and not today’s pain or pleasure alone,
but the whole being and outlook of man.”

~ James H. West

Our Vision: A Trusted Resource…

To be recognized as the trusted “go to” resource for obtaining valuable, relevant information for helping people take better control of their health and lives.

A Two-Fold Mission:

1. To help people, regardless of background or education, understand what really matters where health is concerned…and why we lose our health.

2. To point to  the absolute best resources  – websites, books, nutritional supplements, medical personnel and interventions, etc – for maintaining, improving, and, if lost, regaining health.


Our commitment is to present the average person with as complete a picture of health as is possible, and our mission centers on educating people on how their minds and bodies work; what they need to work well (good nutrition, peace of mind, exercise, etc); the threats and hindrances to their functioning optimally (toxins, emotional and spiritual stress, etc); and how to work intelligently with health care providers.
By presenting quality webinars each week, we hope to inspire and empower people with the information needed to make intelligent decisions about how they treat their own minds and bodies, and thus live long, healthy and meaningful lives.

The driving force behind our mission is a desire to show the average person, regardless of his or her background, how everything – including spiritual, mental and physical realities – fits together in the  whole “health equation.” In other words, we wish to show how these seemingly disparate fields affect our physical health, not just point out what everyone already knows intuitively.

We are an independent entity (not affiliated with any specific company) and our primary goal is education/instruction.


Our Philosophy
(Making Sense of “The Wellness Revolution”):

Let’s face it, folks, it’s an absolute jungle out there. There’s so much conflicting, confusing information on health and wellness that most people have either given up altogether, or just choose one particular path and stick to it to the exclusion of all others…sometimes in the face of evidence to the contrary.


The question in our minds has been this…

What if it were possible to take the essential elements and the best practices/technologies from these disparate fields and integrate them into a simple, easy- to- apply philosophy?

Of how much more value, in other words, do you think it would be to the layperson to be able to understand how one’s spirituality, emotional states, age, sex, vocation/career, social interactions, nutritional intake, physical activities, etc, all influenced, for better or for worse, one’s health? How beneficial would it be for our families if people were equipped with the wisdom needed to make informed decisions about their health and had access to the resources that helped make good health a reality?

How much better would it be for our national economy?

The more we considered these questions, the more we realized that this was what had to be done…and therefore what would be done…sooner or later. We just count ourselves privileged to be able to play a part.

If you will let us, we’ll help you lay a solid foundation…we’ll leave the superstructure to you.


Below are answers to some of the questions you may have:

Who attends these webinars?

We have a diverse viewership. Regular, non medical people who just want to be informed, as well as doctors, nurses, nutritional consultants, seniors with health challenges, and sick people all call/log in from locations around the world. We believe that our appeal is a safe (without the overt marketing and hype), straightforward and easy to understand multidimensional view of health.

Financial Obligations?

Participants are not charged a fee to attend most live webinars…and our presenters do not require a payment for their contributions either. Most of our speakers/presenters do this out of a love for their field and a desire to help others, and they trust us to provide an environment in which they can do so.

We however make the recordings of the presentations available at a small fee to the general public. Some presenters, in addition to having information to share, may have a product, book or technology to sell that we feel could be of value to our viewers. Profit sharing can then be discussed on a case by case basis.

How long do the webinars last?

Our webinars usually last 60-90 minutes. The presenter usually spends an additional 20-30 minutes fielding questions from viewers (they usually type their questions into a question/chat box during the course of the presentation).