Beware of America’s VITAMIN D FRAUD

Harry Elwardt, N.D., PhD

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Job Title / Position: Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Counselor

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Discover the dirty little secret that may be behind your vitamin D supplement and a NEW superior way of getting the world’s greatest anti-aging vitamin…

It wasn’t that long ago that vitamin D was just viewed as a healthy bone supporter, but several breakthrough studies have pried open the floodgates to vitamin D’s true healing potential.

Blood pressure, heart health, prostate health, colon health? Vitamin D’s power is proving to be staggering.

But as a physician who has been tracking vitamin D’s rise to glory (and who is 100% sold on its power), I’ve uncovered a troubling fact about some of today’s vitamin D supplements. If you’re taking vitamin D, you must know…

There’s a good chance your “D” ISN’T DOING SQUAT

There are two forms of vitamin D that the human body can synthesize and use.

One is the anti-aging miracle making waves in medical journals around the world.  The other is cheap, ineffective and was deemed nearly worthless by the esteemed Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The dirty secret is that the useless form is sometimes used by supplements and often used by pricey prescription pills!

Is YOUR vitamin D MIGHTY or as worthless as sawdust?

Vitamin D2 is often crammed into supplements and prescription pills because it’s dirt cheap.

Vitamin D3, however, is as premium as it gets. In fact, scientists at Creighton University and Medical University of South Carolina proved with a controlled, double-blind study that revealed vitamin D3 is 300% more effective than D2.

You see, scientists noted that both forms raised vitamin D blood serum levels, but while vitamin D2 reached its peak and petered out in just 3 days, vitamin D3 kept on climbing the charts and didn’t peak for 14 days! Even better, D3 maintained high blood serum levels for the entire study, while D2 plummeted down the charts after its peak.

If vitamin D3 is that much more POWERFUL and is the form that’s being used in these head-turning studies, why are some supplements using this shoddy, worthless alternative?

Frankly, because they’re FRAUDS.

I’m about to show you one formula that uses the ULTIMATE VITAMIN D so you can help protect your body from the ravages of aging. In fact, it’s…

The same POWERFUL form used in these groundbreaking studies

As I mentioned, the results to these eye-opening studies are pouring in fast. What’s the one thing they have in common? They’re all about vitamin D3? That’s the form you need!

  • The Journal of Clinical Investigation reports D3 may play a pivotal role in helping keep your blood pressure healthy.
  • The Archives of Internal Medicine reveals the strong connection between D3 and your cardiovascular health.
  • An 18-year study performed at the Harvard School of Medicine surveyed over 14,000 men and revealed the healthy relation between proper prostate health and vitamin D levels.

And that’s just a few of the breathtaking studies.

A vitamin D supplement you can be proud of

If you’re interested in vitamin D3 and all of its anti-aging weapons (and who wouldn’t be) allow me to introduce you to a formula that not only provides the most premium vitamin D on the planet, but also many other anti-aging juggernauts in one place.  It’s called CardioForLife™and it’s called this for a reason.

  • ForLifemeans you embrace life and that describes exactly what you can expect from the amount of each nutrient you will find in this awesome product.  For instance, I recommend that you take a tour on the website of the world’s authority on vitamin D:  Not only will they break down for you all of the health benefits of supplementing with vitamin D3 but they specifically dictate that research indicates healthy adults and adolescents should receive 5000 IU of vitamin D3 per day.  That is the exact dosage that is in one serving of CardioForLife™.  Now, compare that to the RDA of 400 IU and you can see why we call this product powerful.  In fact, each of the several other nutrients in this product is a powerful amount, so you can achieve results…FAST!
  • Cardioeach nutrient in CardioForLife™ was included because it works synergistically with the others in supporting and advancing the health of a person’s cardiovascular system.  Besides Vitamin D3, nutrients like Arginine, Citrulline, CoQ10, Resveratrol, OPCs, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium and Selenium.

Nature’s best-kept secret to

Protecting yourself from a heart attack means more than just watching your cholesterol. (Bear in mind, half of all heart attack victims have normal cholesterol).

Don’t be a patient! Try CardioForLife™ and you be the judge. Within the first 7 days, I’m betting you’ll start feeling energized, less stressed, more sure of yourself, healthier and younger all around. Then week after week, you’ll feel and look even better!

It’s already happened for so many satisfied customers. And I’d love it to happen for you, too! So you can live as Mother Nature intended — enjoying all that life has to offer, until it’s your time to go…instead of sitting out your remaining years on the sidelines…or in a nursing home.

For as little as half the price of a cup a coffee, you can begin to say NO to cardiovascular disease and begin to turn the aging clock back…TODAY!