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Harry Elwardt, N.D., PhD

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Job Title / Position: Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional Counselor

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Dr Harry,

As you know, I suffered a heart attack on April 7th, 2009. The pain started at around 4:00 a.m. and gradually increased throughout the morning until I could hardly move. It was a little after 11:00 am when I finally asked a fellow worker in my office to take me to the emergency room. There they hooked me up and the cardiologist said I was, indeed, having a heart attack so I “was taken for an emergency cardiac catheterization and received 2 stents to the right coronary artery.  I also received a balloon angioplasty to the posterior descending artery.” The next day the cardiologist came to my room to discuss my situation. He told me that I had blockage in 2 areas in the posterior descending artery and that I would either have to have what sounded like not your standard 2 stent procedure or a by-pass. I was still shocked by all of this, but after talking we agreed that the stents would be best and that I should get that scheduled sometime about a month out.

Shortly after I got out of the hospital, I ran across your website, called you on a Friday, I believe, and left a message explaining my situation but not really expecting to hear back from you. I don’t know if it was coincidence or divine intervention, but I stopped in my office for just a few minutes on the following Sunday…you called me back and I ended up ordering a few jars of the CardioForLife. I began taking it and immediately started feeling better. My Physical Therapy went great…I started running a month after my heart attack…I worked up to 2 miles at about an 8:30 pace and also started lifting a few weights as well. (I could go on about how I believe the arginine has greatly enhanced my workouts but that’s for another time).  Anyway, I was on it for a couple of weeks when I met with my cardiologist’s PA for a check-up and to schedule the next procedure. When I saw her, I brought all of the information on the arginine that I had and asked her if I could try it for a month to see if it would do me any good. She said my situation wasn’t life threatening so I could try it for a month on the condition that I come in after that for a stress test. If the stress test showed continued blockage or inadequate blood flow to the heart then she would strongly encourage me to have the procedure done. I did the 2 day test the last week in May and first got the results over the phone from the PA’s nurse. She said it was an “excellent” report…….that everything was just great. I asked if she could have the PA put something in writing for me. I got this last week:

“Dear Mr. Nyberg, I am writing this letter in regard to the cardiac stress test that you had done at our facility on May 29th, 2009. The stress test showed that you had an excellent workload of 17.1 MET’s. The goal is to get at least 10 MET’s and you exceeded this by far. SPECT images show that wall motion of the heart is normal at rest and during stress, which makes this test negative for any ischemia (lack of blood flow to the heart.)”

This was not even 2 months after my heart attack and I was being told I needed by-pass surgery. I’m very thankful that I was led to you and plan to tell my CardioForLife story to as many people as I possibly can. Thank you for everything!
Mike Nyberg
North Dakota