Daniel Amen, MD

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Job Title / Position: Board Certified Physician in Child/Adolescent/Adult Psychiatry, Nuclear Brain Imaging expert, best selling author, and CEO, Amen Clinics

Website: Amen Clinics

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Everywhere I go people tell me how my work on revitalizing brain health has changed their lives. I know the extraordinary power that can be unleashed when you fall in love with your brain and start loving it and treating it right. I want that success for you, and I know you can have it if you do the right things. To facilitate your success, I will give you 12 simple one hour exercises to put these brain-healthy principles into your life. These 12 exercises will radically change your life if you do them just as they are outlined. You will see the difference, and feel it in your mood, energy, weight, appearance, and mental abilities. You will know the joy of making great decisions that support your brain and your life, rather than continuing to make decisions that undermine your health. You will experience the benefit of thinking clearly and acting powerfully in a way that follows from healthy, disciplined thought patterns. You will feel the freedom from cravings, worry, depression, and perfectionism, opening up whole new possibilities for every aspect of your life.

And then . . . it’s up to you. Do you want to keep going in this new, positive direction, falling a little bit more in love with your brain each day? Do you want to keep losing weight, looking great, feeling energized, thinking clearly, acting powerfully? Do you want your life to keep getting better? You ARE on your way. Just keep implementing these 12 simple principles … over and over and over. The program will keep getting easier, your life will keep getting better, and you will finally be unleashing the full power of your extraordinary female brain.