Acid Base Balance Part II

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT
Dr. David Ajibade

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Dr David’s discussion on pH Balance continues…

As far as physical health is concerned, our primary focus has always been on cellular health – how to build, strengthen and protect the 60+ trillion cells in our body.

But knowing how to support your cells would be to no avail if you did not also pay attention to the environment in which those cells reside and operate…specifically the acid/alkaline balance, or yin/yang, as it is referred to in Eastern thought.

Dr David focuses on blood pH: why it is important; what makes it more acidic/alkaline (foods, drugs, diseases, emotions, lifestyles); how it relates to disease conditions such as cancer; and what you can do to ensure that your cells have the optimum environment in which to function.

Acid Base Balance II

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