ADD Mastery

Joseph Annibali, MD

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Job Title / Position: Chief Psychiatrist

Website: Amen Clinics, Washington DC

Contact Information:  888-564-2700

Do you or a loved one need help for ADD?  Due to popular demand, Dr. Joseph Annibali will be following up on his recent “ADD:  Myths, Misconceptions, and Mastery”webinar.

Dr. Annibali is a brain imaging expert and Chief Psychiatrist at Amen Clinics in Reston, Virginia.  In his new “ADD Mastery:  Treatment that Matters” webinar, Dr. Annibali will give you the nuts and bolts of comprehensive treatments for ADD, including traditional and complementary/alternative approaches.  Dr. Annibali will cover topics such as medical evaluations, toxins, diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, medication, psychotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, neurofeedback, school and work accommodations, and support groups.

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