All About Protandim

Norman G. Marvin, MD

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Job Title / Position: Medical Doctor, Speaker

Website: Doc Marvin

Contact Information:  123-456-1234

In these recordings, Dr Marvin explores how the world’s most powerful antioxidant and anti-aging technology can improve your cells’ ability to function, repair, regenerate and, ward off disease and disability…all from within your very genes!

In today’s challenging physical, economic and social climate, we are seeing more and more stress in all areas of our lives – psychological, dietary, physical and environmental – resulting in an increasing number of disease conditions and premature deaths. Protandim, now being studied extensively by 30 American universities for its amazing benefits, has been described as a major scientific breakthrough in helping our cells protect themselves from the disastrous effects of these stressors. It is the first time that science has been able to stimulate our intracellular activity to such a degree. This allows our bodies to to better heal themselves, and fight for better health and a longer life.

All About Protandim


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