Bad Ideas in Medicine

Moira Dolan, MD

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Physicians mend or end us;
But though in health we sneer,
When sick we call them to attend us,
Without the least propensity to jeer.
~ Lord Byron

Throughout the ages, man has offered to help his fellow man. Sometimes he came in the guise of doctor, other times he was known as priest or shaman. But all too often the result was only harm. While some of these remedies are ancient, others are currently in vogue and are being practiced in some respected academic medical centers.

This presentation covers the Egyptian practice of bloodletting, the ancient Greek remedy of hellebore poisoning, modern brain electroshock, selected notorious surgical treatments, some things you may not know about current Alzheimer therapies, and much more.

Webinar participants may be astonished and even entertained by the history of medical injustices, mistakes, and even outright barbarity. But this is not the purpose of the presentation. The objective is to inform one on how to recognize erroneous thinking and practices in medicine, and thereby, as an informed consumer, make the right health decisions…or as an ethical practitioner, maintain integrity in one’s practice.

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Bad Ideas in Medicine


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