BioEnergetics Takes on the Healing of the Planet

Carol Keppler

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4 part Webinar Series: Preventive Medicine with Bioenergetics  Answers, Finally!

  1. “What in the World Ever Happened to Our Health?”
  2. “The Miracle of Cell Repair with Frequency Medicine—the AltWaters System”
  3. “Solving Un-resolvable Health Challenges for People and Pets”
  4. “Amazing Things We’ve Learned Along the Way!”

“BioEnergetics Takes on the Healing of the Planet”

Bioenergetics: the flow of energy through living systems that leads to the production and utilization of energy. Ancient wisdom meets with modern technology resulting in water-based “energy” medicine, the hope of humanity for a long and productive life free of illness. Preventative Medicine at its very best! Exciting advances in quantum science has made possible a simple 4-week system that is not only all natural but very affordable.

In this Series, You will Learn:

  1. Why health has eroded in our society.
  2. How “energy” came to be recognized as an important player in the field of alternative medicine.
  3. How chaotic electric damages the body and how the new bioenergetics neutralizes it.
  4. Why bioenergetic medicine is the only real “preventive” medicine.
  5. How the Altwaters System can be used with unresolvable health issues, pets—and much more.
  6. Taking questions about your unresolved health issues by intuitively reading your cellular energy output using your voice as a guide.

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