Brain Development and Accelerated Learning

Miles Jones, PhD

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Job Title / Position: Accelerated Learning Consultant


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Dr Jones takes us on an exciting and informative journey into how the young brain develops and demonstrates how parents and teachers can take advantage of the different stages in this development, and thus help  give kids a good start in life.

“Children generally hate to be idle. All the care then, should be that their busy humor should be constantly employed in something that is of use to them.”  ~ John Locke (English philosopher 1632-1704)

“Starting early is the single most important thing you can do to accelerate your child’s education. Unfortunately, proponents of progressive education often issue dire warnings about how this can harm your child. The fact is that children love to learn. It is a reflex behavior. They have to be heavily programmed to lose that love of learning. At birth very few of a child’s brain cells are working. As they grow and use what they have, new levels of brain function come ‘online,’ each bringing with them new skills and opportunities. The most exciting news is that there does not seem to be any end to how many higher levels of brain function we can activate.”

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