Brain Differences and The Sexes

Michael Gurian

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This webinar is based on the book LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, by Michael Gurian, with Barbara Annis (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley, 2008).   Each of us is a human being, AND a woman or a man.  Each day at home, work, school, and in community is a meeting of gender-different styles, modes of operating, leadership skills, and relationships skills.  During this webinar, participants get a humorous and powerful look into both the male and female brain, and a number of practical strategies by which to increase their effectiveness with the other gender.


      New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian is a pioneer in the field of gender science.  In his presentations, Michael always provides a balanced, gender-positive approach.  At the end of this presentation, he hopes that both women and men feel enlightened by male/female  difference.  Michael’s over-riding premise is: as each of us understands better the women and men we relate with (and ourselves!) we live, work, and love together with greater effectiveness and health.

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