Cancer and Toxins 1: How Toxic Are You?

Moira Dolan, MD

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ome 700 new chemicals are introduced every year without testing for long term safety. The government has now recognized that environmental toxins are contributing to cancerand other illnesses. The President’s Cancer Panel issued a report in April 2010 recommending that doctors routinely take a full toxic exposure history on their patients.

Moira Dolan MD brings her experience in the fields of occupational medicine and wellness medicine to this in-depth presentation on the toxic burden our bodies are faced with on a regular basis. These include: food additives and plastic bottles, drugs and medical testing procedures, childhood exposures to asbestos in schools, routine pesticide applications and lawn chemicals, flame retardants on clothing, new car upholstery and bedding, and workplace exposures – from nail salons to dental offices.

Dr. Dolan will describe actual patient cases that illustrate how these toxins add up. Learn about the major classifications of toxins, their likely sources, where toxins lodge in the body, and the symptoms and illnesses they cause. After this webinar you should be able to begin to assess your own toxic burden.

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