Taking Care of a Loved One with Cancer

Terry Watt

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This presentation explores 4 stages of cancer and the various challenges that may be faced during those stages.
It also give useful tips to the Loved One with Cancer, the Care giver and to others that would reach out to help with the challenges.

About Terry Watt, Rn:
Terry Watt is a nurse that has been working on an inpatient oncology unit for the past 9 years.
She most recently moved into a care management roll that helps to counsel patients with ongoing care in the home.
Much of the information she shares is what she has learned through her work at the hospital as well as her own study.
She is well acquainted with being a care taker as she cared for many patients as well as her own mother for 4 years in her home and before that oversaw her care for 10 years.
She is a champion for wellness and has a passion for sharing with others wellness strategies to help quality of life last longer.

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