Holiday Blues Amid Holiday Glitter/Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Coralease RuffRN, PhD

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The holidays can be a draining time of year for your health, especially when you are experiencing grief. Dr. Ruff recommends five “Cs” to help you pass through the holidays with ease. First, realize that you have a choice in what you do this season, so pay attention to how you are feeling and let your family know if you need a change in how you spend the holidays. Changing your routine can help ease the loss you are experiencing. Third, be sure to care for yourself by doing what is best for your health. Fourth, learn to cope with the grief you are experiencing by seeking help to process your emotions. Finally, cherish the memories of your loved one by openly talking about them and honoring how much they meant to you. These things will allow you to spend the holidays in health and hope as you cope with this period of grief.



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