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Kristin Stewart

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More than 35 years of scientific research confirms that thoughts and emotions have a profound impact on our health.  When you’re stressed, you are at higher risk for heart attack, respiratory infection, insomnia, headaches, back pain and more.  But who isn’t stressed out in today’s world?  It is an epidemic in our modern society.  And it’s no wonder—there is too much information and things seem to be moving faster and faster. The irony of our manic society is that—the faster we move, the more information we have, and the more we chase after what we want—we wind up with less time, less clarity, and a larger sense of something missing.  The problem is that so much speed and chaos blurs vision and perspective.  It’s time to stop and breathe.  Dr. Kris will show you how, so you can quickly and easily quit the cycle of stress.  With this introduction to the Divine Compass, you’ll learn how to more fully expand your whole self—mind, body and spirit—and experience more peace, health and wellness today.

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