ADD: Do You Need To Medicate?

Helen Irlen, MA, LMFT

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Job Title / Position: Founder & Executive Director: Irlen Institute International Headquarters


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THE IRLEN METHOD: A Powerful Tool for Children and Adults Misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (AD/HD), with Helen Irlen

“The number of people diagnosed with attention problems has reached epidemic proportions. It is estimated that 3 to 5 percent of school-age children in the United States (or roughly 2 million children) have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorders. However, almost one-third of these children are being misdiagnosed.

This seminar provides parents and professionals with a way of determining if the problem is AD/HD, Irlen Syndrome or is related to other causes, thus preventing misdiagnosis and the wrong treatment. The same behaviors can have different causes. Learn the differences and the solutions.” ~ Helen Irlen, Founder, The Irlen Institute

Do You Need To Medicate?

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