Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition

Marc David

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In this presentation, Marc introduces you to an exciting new approach to eating and nutrition that will powerfully transform your health and your relationship with food. What we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. This means that our digestion, metabolism, and calorie burning is literally and scientifically impacted by breathing, relaxation, stress, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and all that we bring to the table from our inner world.

He covers practical mind-body nutrition tools and techniques that will help you dramatically improve your energy, digestion, unwanted eating habits, your pleasure quotient with food, and even your ability to calorie burn – all without changing anything you eat.

This promises to be one of the most fascinating, unique and cutting edge presentations that you’ll experience on eating and nutrition.

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Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition


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