From Stress to Strength Part II

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT

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Job Title / Position: Author, Speaker, Educator, Co-Founder, Building Strength, LLC

Website: Building Strength Webinars

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Dr David continues his discussion on how stress affects the body and mind, and shows one how to minimize and deal with it intelligently.

“In treating cancer, for there to be any chance of remission, a combination of drugs and treatment modalities must be employed…otherwise one runs the serious risk of failure…and of being sued.

In the same way, stress, whatever the root cause, must be attacked from several angles. Simply taking a pill, in other words, will not cause all your worries vanish. Stress negatively affects your emotional, physical, and yes, even your spiritual health. It therefore requires an understanding of, and emphasis on all three to achieve any lasting relief from this sometimes devastating condition. This discussion on stress will focus on what you can do to turn it around.”

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From Stress To Strength, pt II


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