Healthy Coffee and The Red Mushroom

Paul & Carol BeckNaturopathic Doctor and Entrepreneur

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Dr Paul Beck speaks on a new approach to enjoying healthy coffee.

Coffee is the second most widely consumed commodity in the world, and yet, the dangers associated with over-indulging in it have been well documented. The good news is this: through the ingenuity of an Oriental scientist, it is now possible to enjoy all the things you love about coffee without experiencing most of the negative effects commonly associated with its consumption.

Ganoderma Lucidum, otherwise known as the rare and potent Reishi mushroom, has become one of the most studied herbs in the world. With over one million webpages of information and over 300 peer review studies in the national medical library, some are calling it the most important medical discovery since penicillin.

Reishi has a rich history in oriental medicine and for centuries was reserved exclusively for royalty in China. Reishi has about 165 varieties of antioxidants and more than 200 nutritional elements, which give it anti-aging, immune system boosting, energy enhancing, fatigue fighting, and even significant weight loss assisting properties.

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Healthy Coffee and the Red Mushroom


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