Hormone Balance and Breast Cancer

Jackie Harvey

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Job Title / Position: International Speaker and Seminar Leader on Issues Related to Women's Health

Website: Help For Hormones

Contact Information:  888-744-7436

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If you have ever wondered, “Is there is anything I can do to be proactive about lowering my risk for Breast Cancer?” then this webinar will be of interest to you. I believe that women need to know that there are specific things we can all do to reduce our risk of breast cancer. Balancing hormone levels is a great place to start. Even if a women has breast cancer it is important that she understand what to do to protect her other breast. And some men too are at risk for breast cancer for some of the same reasons women develop breast cancer. This webinar will outline a program that women (and men) can begin immediately! We are not without hope or help when it comes to breast cancer risk reduction! I invite you to view this very important presentation – for your health’s sake.


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