How God Changes Your Brain

Mark Robert Waldman

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In this special program, Mark will discuss state-of-the art brain-scan technology and research surveys that show how different forms of spiritual practice, secular meditation, intensive prayer, and positive affirmations can actually change the function and structure of the brain.

He will show how these changes improve memory, cognition, and compassion while simultaneously suppressing activity in those parts of the brain that generate stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

Mark will also describe how a few simple exercises can achieve these neurological and psychological benefits. He’ll demonstrate the constructive power of positive thinking and the destructive power of ruminating on a single negative thought. He’ll explain why yawning is the most overlooked strategy for reducing stress and slowing the overactive metabolism of the brain, he’ll guide participants through a simple meditation that connects a person to his or her deepest values and beliefs. He’ll explain how four simple steps can induce social empathy in just a few minutes, even with strangers.

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How God Changes Your Brain


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