How Much Weight Can You Carry?

Vicki Latham, PA-C

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People who are not at their ideal body weight are carrying around a body that can burden their life with concerns on every level. What they eat, how much they exercise, their self esteem, health risks, sexuality, and even their general sense of “well being” are all affected by the burden of excess weight they carry with them every day. Lifestyle change is a major key to weight loss. Eating more broccoli will help, but it is not a comprehensive answer to this complex issue. Vicki Latham, Physician Assistant, has been counseling people on weight management for over 20 years. During that time, she has seen diets come and go, but the only thing that really works is day by day compliance to a health promoting lifestyle. This presentation will give you “reasons” to believe that reaching your ideal body weight is possible, beneficial, and you CAN do it!

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How Much Weight Can You Carry?


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