Improving Your Body’s Defensive Capabilities

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT
Dr. David Ajibade

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In our presentation on “The Battle Within,” we looked at the Immune System…that highly sophisticated organization of cells and organs whose job it is to protect your body against invasion by bacteria, viruses and other harmful biological agents (including cancer cells).

As elaborate and amazing as this system is, however, it is still only a piece – albeit a crucial one – of the puzzle.

“As a general rule, the one with the most information is he (or she) that will end up having the most success in life.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli (Former two-time Prime Minister of Great Britain)

For us to intelligently protect ourselves from the ever-present threats to our health, we must gain a fuller comprehension of what those threats are, and how our bodies were designed to cope with them.

Improving Your Body's Defensive Capabilities


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