Innovations in Wound Care and Wound Healing

John Hall, DDS

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Job Title / Position: Director of Clinical Studies, McMerlin Dental Products, LP


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This presentation focuses on the wound healing process and complications involved in the treatment of wounds. Current wound care tends to be inadequate and even counterproductive in too many cases. Various subjects such as the pros and cons associated with antibiotics, antiseptics and pain management will be addressed.

Research will be discussed that demonstrates new concepts in wound care, and how these ideas may be incorporated in the development of products to enhance care of both intraoral and external wounds

Wound healing and proper wound care are generally inadequately taught, if indeed they are addressed at all in medical and dental schools. This is discouraging because so much of medicine and dentistry involves treating wounds, either those caused by disease or trauma, or those that result from treatment or surgery.

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Innovations in Wound Care and Wound Healing


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