Intentional Sexuality

Vicki Latham, PA-C

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This is a presentation about how the menstrual cycle works: When the most fertile time of the cycle is; and how various contraceptives work in the light of these hormonal changes. I will also cover dysmenorrhea, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Luteal Phase Defects, premature ovarian failure, and perimenopause. After this presentation, you will be better equipped to become intentional about when, how, and with whom you have sex.

Having sex is like jumping off a 20 story building. Gravity works, and just because you change your mind half way through free fall, it doesn’t mean you won’t hit the pavement below. You have set in motion laws of nature that are not going to change.  I see so many women/couples who do not want to get pregnant, but are not doing anything to prevent it… except believing (wishing, really) that they won’t get pregnant. After my presentation, they start grabbing their calendars to check and see what they have set into motion.

Intentional Sexuality

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