Let’s Talk About Hormones

Jackie Harvey

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Job Title / Position: International Speaker and Seminar Leader on Issues Related to Women's Health

Website: Help For Hormones

Contact Information:  888-744-7436

This webinar presentation by Jackie Harvey included discussion about:How the Body Makes Hormones, Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance, Historical Perspective of Medical Options, Estrogen Replacement (ERT), Hormone Replacement (HRT), The Birth Control Pill and Natural Solutions that include a 5 step Program

Jackie Harvey, International Speaker, Radio Program Host, is a Women’s Health Advocate specializing in Hormonal and Menopausal health. She is also a Seminar Leader and Business Trainer with Help For Hormones and MaxxAlive both companies founded by her. Her live “Heart-To-Heart” seminars have been attended by thousands of women and men. She has been speaking the truth about hormones health for over 15 years. She addresses issues that have been jeopardizing the hormone health of millions of women.

Let's Talk About Hormones


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