Mastering The 4 Steps Necessary To Manifest What You Really Want, with Ken Coscia

Ken Coscia

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During this FREE webinar you’ll discover how to change your life in positive and profound ways
beginning RIGHT NOW.  Plus, you’ll also discover the method that Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Richard Bach
and millions of other people have used to unlock the power of their minds to:
  • Improve health and reduce stress
  • Awaken your intuition and creativity
  • Eliminate Bad habits
  • Stay focused, positive and motivated
  • Free yourself from worry
  • Sleep Better
  • Increase income
  • Improve relationships
  • Feel positive and motivated
  • Improve focus & concentration

And so much more!

You absolutely, positively need to join me via the web:
  • If you’re seeking more clarity, certainty, and consistency in your actions and results
  • If you want a better, more powerful, specific and personalized roadmap to accomplish your goals
  • If you want to balance all areas of your life and develop resources for lasting happiness and success
  • If it is important to you to improve your personal performance and increase your level of business success
  • If you want to see significant and meaningful changes in your life or business
  • If you’re looking to reach the next level and continue to get better
  • If you’re looking to go to a higher level of thinking, sensing, feeling, understanding, achieving and being


  1. I wanted to thank you Ken, and of course Building Strenght Webinars for the really valuable presentation. I’m not new to all this train of thought, or to meditation, so it was all ‘re-inforcing’ of what I practise (sometimes not so well, and other times perfectly well). I felt the genuine appreciation of the Silva method, and perhaps more, of the journeys that you make with your clients, and that was so inspiring to me. It’s also really good to know of your services for future referals, and for myself when I feel that I need a helping and ‘accountable to’ hand.

    Sincerest appreciation
    Allison Cassidy

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