Maximizing Your Brain Power

Miles Jones, PhD

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Consider the following equation: Mental Energy = Physical Energy.  The question that naturally follows is: “How can we develop mental energy?”

Maximizing your brain power requires not only a carefully crafted set of techniques and exercises, but also a strong focus on health and nutrition. This is especially important when it comes to our children’s mental development. Although some nutritional concepts are well known, there are other factors like dehydration and oxygen depletion that surprisingly few people are aware of. Did you know, for instance, that drinking oxygen-enriched water enhances athletic performance, improves cardiovascular and muscle endurance and reduces recovery time after strenuous exercise – among other benefits? This is just one example of the topics discussed by Miles Jones, PhD in this presentation.

This information applies to us all, but if you are a parent who is concerned about the mental and physical development of your children.

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Maximizing Your Brain Power

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