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David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT

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Job Title / Position: Author, Speaker, Educator, Co-Founder, Building Strength, LLC

Website: Building Strength Webinars

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Our commitment is to present the average person with as complete a picture of health as is possible, and our mission centers on educating people on how their minds and bodies work; what they need to work well (good nutrition, peace of mind, exercise, etc); the threats and hindrances to their functioning optimally (toxins, emotional and spiritual stress, etc); and how to work intelligently with health care providers.
By presenting quality webinars each week, we hope to inspire and empower people with the information needed to make intelligent decisions about how they treat their own minds and bodies, and thus live long, healthy and meaningful lives.

The driving force behind our mission is a desire to show the average person, regardless of his or her background, how everything – including spiritual, mental and physical realities – fits together in the  whole “health equation.” In other words, we wish to show how these seemingly disparate fields affect our physical health, not just point out what everyone already knows intuitively.









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