Optimizing Bone Health and Body Composition

Gilbert R. Kaats, PhD

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Job Title / Position: CEO of Integrative Health Technologies, Inc

Website: IHT Global

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In this webinar, Dr Kaats reviews the latest research and thinking on how changes in body composition (lean, bone and fat) can profoundly influence achieving optimal health and wellness. He calls for a “re-framing” of our traditional view of the passive role of bone and fat mass into one of viewing fat and bone as “endocrine organs” actively accelerating or inhibiting the consequences of over 40 major degenerative diseases.

Additionally, he encourages listeners to participate in his on-going body composition studies, one of which includes examination of the relationship between glyconutrient consumption and blood levels of Vitamin D3—one of the more recent breakthroughs in the measurement of wellness and disease risk factors.

Optimizing Bone Health and Body Composition

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