Pure, White, and Deadly!

Dwight Lundell, MD

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In three previous webinars (accessible in the Building Strength archives) Dr. Lundell presented his four step program to preventing and reversing heart disease without drugs or surgery.

More than 80 percent of the population needs to deal with excess poundage to one degree or another, and it is proving to be a very stubborn problem.

Besides being difficult to deal with, obesity is also costing billions of dollars to treat.

Dr. Lundell and other researchers have put together a brand new formula – Realw8 – to address this very difficult problem.

RealW8 is a comprehensive program that’s proving to help people reach a desired weight without struggle.Pure, white and deadly refers to sugar: the fact that we eat so much of it; that it is very toxic to our body; why current treatments are so poor; why we get diabetes; and exactly how sugar spikes hurt specific tissues in our bodies.

Pure, White, and Deadly!

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