Reflexology: The Unique Technique To Wellbeing

Patricia McPherson, ITEC, LMT, LMTI, MAR, GIHT

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Reflexology has been used for thousands of years with many health benefits for all who use it.  It is an excellent detailed touch therapy  where the Reflexologist who is working on the 7,000 nerve endings under each foot, has the ability to help the receiver gain homeostasis. Each person is responsible for their own health but Reflexology can play a large part in releasing the energy blockages that restrict the flow up and down the meridians.  The work assists the body’s own energies to flow thus creating a self healing process.

In this webinar Patricia:

  • Describes what Reflexology is
  • Discusses the use of reflexology with cancer
  • Describes how Refelxology can benefit us in the workplace
  • Explains the various personal successes she has had
  • Discusses how stress is the major cause of dis-ease and how reflexology has the ability to de stress the receiver, bringing about equilibrium.

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Reflexology - The Unique Technique To Wellbeing


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