Renew! Repair! Rejuvenate! – Increasing Your Body’s Ability to Produce Stem Cells

Joe Woolsey

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Discover how you can slow down the symptoms of aging!

Your chances for a long and healthy life have dramatically increased with the discovery of the most exciting medical breakthrough in modern times – the use of STEM CELLS in the body’s repair and renewal system. The news is out! You see exciting media coverage on TV, in newspapers and magazines. Scientists are reporting medical advances with stem cells that seem like miracles! Stem cells act as a repair system for the body, creating renewal and regeneration of cells. Stem cells offer new hope to many. So what are stem cells? Stem Cells are cells that are capable of becoming virtually any type of cell in the body – cells of the liver, heart, brain or other tissues. They are what your body produces to repair and regenerate itself – but their production falls off with age and other issues.People with higher levels of stem cell levels show:

  • The ability to repair quickly from sports injuries or surgery
  • Increased mobility
  • Faster hair and nail growth
  • A healthy complexion
  • An increase in energy
  • A general improved sense of well-being

In this presentation, Joe Woolsey will be showing viewers how a revolutionary technology can help you dramatically increase the amount of circulating stem cells in your body.

Renew! Repair! Rejuvenate!


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