Stress: The Silent Killer

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT

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A few days ago, we sent you a replay of Dr Owings’ excellent webinar entitled Managing Anxiety.

Now, anxiety is a form of stress, and a very obvious one at that. But there are other not so obvious forms of stress which can wreak just as much damage, perhaps even more, because they are not usually or commonly recognized as harmful and are therefore not paid attention to as much.  One of such is boredom. Yes, boredom, and I have a story to tell about that, but before I do, here are two others: Relationship incompatibility and loneliness. You won’t believe the damage these can do. It will literarily shock you.

So there was this policeman from Detroit Michigan, who worked in some of the roughest neighborhoods, many times having face-offs (including gunfights) with local hoodlums. Dangerous job, but he absolutely loved it. And he was in great health too…until he left to join the army, and was posted to a European country where he was given a desk job handling documents. A desk job! Now contrast that with what he was doing before. Needless to say, he didn’t like it, and it showed in his body; he developed hypertension, believe it or not, which eventually affected his kidneys.  That was when he and his wife contacted me to see if I could help.

Another patient I had suffered from severe heart burn and peptic ulcer pains for over ten years, and many times she was unable to sleep at night because of the discomfort. It so happened that she was also in a difficult marriage. She and her husband eventually separated. The pain stopped.

Do you think these cases are unique?

Nooooo.  There are tons of people suffering in silence at jobs they don’t like, working with people they can’t stand, and in relationships they can’t wait to get away from. And their bodies are suffering as a result.

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Is there a solution? Maybe not a panacea, but yes, there are things you can do to improve the  quality of your life. It’s called Building Strength – an ongoing focus on improving the aspects of your life that matter the most, so that you can enjoy optimum health for the many years to come.

And that’s why we do what we do. Your relationships affect your health as much (or even more than) what you eat, or where you work, or what you say, or what you believe in.




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