Surviving Cancer: Winning The Battle in Your Heart and Mind

Bernie Siegel, MD

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In this presentation, I will be discussing my over thirty years of experience dealing with people who are confronting life’s difficulties – both physical and emotional.  Survival behavior patterns will be outlined, as well as the roles love, hope, humor, spirituality, desire and intention all play. The interplay of mind and body memories, thoughts and feelings and their role in our life and health will be discussed.

A slide presentation will be presented to clarify the hidden symbolism involved in one’s self image, relationships and treatment choices. End of life issues will also be discussed to empower people to live fully and die free of conflict.

The presentation is recommended, not only for those who have already confronted their mortality and life’s inevitable difficulties but also for their families and loved ones, as well as those who want to learn about surviving life’s difficulties through the experience of others, and not their own pain.  It is aimed at providing those who attend with the wisdom derived from the experience of the teachers of the past so they can have a happier future.

Surviving Cancer, with Bernie Siegel, MD

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