The Case For Strength

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT
Dr. David Ajibade

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Does the phrase building strength refer only to body building? No, it refers to a strength that comes from intelligence. You may have heard the phrase, “knowledge is power,” and it is true. Ignorance is not bliss, but rather leads to weakness and death. You must equip yourself with knowledge to build your health and then act on it. Of people who have heart attacks, 75% had normal cholesterol levels, showing there was more than one risk factor. The same is true of people who suffer from bone fractures. The majority of them had normal calcium levels, so the problem was from something else. Knowledge is the key factor in preventing these problems because it gives you power. You should certainly still maintain low cholesterol and take calcium, but build your body’s overall strength so you can be healthy in every area.


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