The Liver and Biliary System in Health and Disease

Robert Murray, MD, PhD

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A healthy life depends on a healthy liver. In the Webinar, Dr Murray will discuss various aspects of the structure and function of the liver and of the bilary system (gallbladder and bile ducts). The liver is the metabolic capital of the body, and performs numerous functions that are critical for wellness. The gallbladder concentrates bile and delivers it into the gut when needed  for digestion.  Major signs and symptoms of liver and gallbladder diseases will be described, followed by brief descriptions of these diseases (e.g. hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, gallstones, etc) & appropriate treatments. Finally, some simple measures to protect your liver from disease will be listed.

The Webinar is for information only; if you think you have any liver or biliary problems, see an appropriate health care practitioner immediately.

The Liver and Biliary System in Health and Disease

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