The Solution to The Health Care Crisis!

Joe Woolsey

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Be SURE to attend this webinar to hear Joe Woolsey inform you about WellnessShield™. Joe is the co-creator of the only Wellness-Oriented Discount Medical Membership Plan in the country! He created the premier, state-of-the-art, Wellness-oriented benefits company because health care has become unsustainable.

Almost 2 years in the making, WellnessShield™ re-defines discount plans and brings them into the 21st Century! Whether you have a Major Medical Plan or not–you need the information Joe has to share with you to become a smarter consumer of medical and wellness services AND/OR Major Medical Plans.

WellnessShield™ IS the Solution to the Health Care Crisis so that each of us can take control of our own health and wellness, find quality health care, and make better healthy choices with bigger savings.

WellnessShield™ offers a health risk assessment with a personalized report and easily followed recommendations, a physician hotline with a number of free calls, an online wellness center with tools, ophthalmologists, pharmacies with a mail order plan, lab work, MRIs, and a provider look-up.

Isn’t it time you started taking control of your own health and wellness?

The Solution to he Health Care Crisis!


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