ADD: Myths, Misconceptions and Mastery

Joseph Annibali, MD

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Job Title / Position: Chief Psychiatrist

Website: Amen Clinics, Washington DC

Contact Information:  888-564-2700

“ADD is a fad.”  “ADD is over-diagnosed.”  “Everyone outgrows ADD by the age of 12 or 13.”  “ADD is only a minor problem.”  “Teens and adults with ADD often abuse their medications.”  “People with ADD should just try harder.”  ADD is a legitimate condition, but these myths still abound. In this presentation, Joseph A. Annibali, M.D., Chief Psychiatrist at Amen Clinics—DC, discusses the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of ADD.  A brain-imaging expert, Dr. Annibali explains that using brain imaging helps us understand at least six subtypes of ADD, each with different treatments.  Dr. Annibali discusses traditional as well as complementary and alternative treatments for ADD.

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