What Happens in the Mouth Doesn’t Stay in the Mouth

John Hall, DDS

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New science is coming out almost daily that connects the health of the mouth with general health.

Studies have linked periodontal disease to conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and low birth weight.  Also, the association of periodontal disease with conditions as varied as rheumatoid arthritis, wrinkly skin, erectile dysfunction and others seems to be identified daily.

Periodontal Medicine is a new branch of dentistry in which diagnostic and treatment strategies are developed to address the connection between periodontal disease and systemic diseases.

Oral mucositis is a common complication of cancer treatment.  This condition may become so debilitating that the patient’s cancer treatment must be modified or even stopped, which reduces the chances of the treatment being successful.  Also, the pain can become so great that the patient can’t eat, which compromises the immune system and recovery.

Stomatitis is an inflammation of any structures in the mouth and may involve the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, throat and the floor or roof of the mouth.  The inflammation can be caused by poor oral hygiene, dietary protein deficiency, ill-fitting dentures, mouth burns from hot food or drinks, medications, allergic reactions, radiation therapy, or infections.

A healthy mouth will enhance your quality of life, and may increase your life expectancy.

OraSoothe, a new natural product approved by FDA for all oral wounds will be introduced, and the science behind the product will be reviewed.

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