What’s The ONE Thing Standing Between You and Disease?

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT

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Have you ever heard the story about the boy in the plastic bubble? It’s fascinating.

Click here to view the story.
It’s the true story about a boy who was born with a severely defective immune system – in other words, his body could not defend itself against bugs; the slightest infection could kill him. 
Somehow, he was kept alive for years, 12 years to be exact, by being placed, 24/7 in a contraption called a “bubble.” 

It’s a story of the triumph of Medical Science, but it also underscores  the importance of the immune system. 

Now, we all know what the immune system does… Or do we?
The truth is the immune system does more than just kill off bad bacteria and protect us from viruses and other intruders (and also from “rogue” cells like cancer cells). 
And we all know what can happen when the system goes bonkers, as in autoimmune conditions. 

But it does more than just that protect us from invasion.
I didn’t really understand its importance in other areas when I was a medical student (maybe I just slept through the classes :-)) or even during my years of active practice. 

I didn’t know, for instance that:

  1. 70-80 percent of our immune system is lodged in the gut (just think about the ramifications of that one piece of info!)
  2. That the immune system communicates intimately with your brain and mind and the endocrine system. In other words, your thoughts, emotions and feelings all have a profound effect on your immune system, and vice versa.

In addition to being the “SWAT team”, your immune system is the “fixit” team, the “geek squad,” if you will, that first arrives on the scene when there is damage and coordinates the repair and recovery of the affected site. For instance, if there are minor abrasions in the inner linings of your arteries or blood vessels – and remember, this lining should be as smooth as Teflon –  it is the quality of the immune response which will determine whether there is complete resolution…or the problem progresses to inflammation, and to full blown heart disease. 

Believe it or not, this is the truth: Your immune system is ALL IMPORTANT. It thus behooves us to know how to strengthen and protect it so it can continue to serve us throughout our loves; we need to understand that terrible effect negative emotions like fear and depression can have on it; and how toxins can really mess things up. 

To this end, we’ve made some of our best presentations on the immune system available to you.

Be sure to take advantage of them: 

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(he talks about a powerful immune system booster)
You’ll learn what the best foods are 

 So, what’s the one thing standing between you and disease? It’s a well empowered, well equipped immune.
And here’s how to get one: 


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