Xylitol-8 Grams Per Day Can Keep The Dentist Away!!!!

SteveBranam, DDS

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The benefits of 8 grams of Xylitol per day can reduce mouth bacteria by 72%.
Today, rampant tooth decay is evident, affecting 28% of the 25 million American children under age 6.
We can turn this around!!  Join us for this webinar to find out how beneficial Xylitol is, not to only children but also to adults!

Let’s not forget our Autistic Children and Geriatric patients who depend on their parents, and caregivers for oral hygiene care.
Sugar and Bacteria is the combination, for not only decay, but early Periodontal disease. However, Xylitol inhibits bacteria from attaching to the tooth surface and gums.  Only you can make this happen!! if you ignore your teeth they will go away!

No prosthetic device, nor denture, nor partial can ever replace your natural teeth!!!


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