You Can Have Your Brains Back!

Tommie Dahlmann

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Transient ischemic attacks (TIA), commonly known as “mini-strokes,” are often viewed as the medical overture to a full-blown stroke and other related health problems. Recurrent TIAs can cause loss of memory and communication skills, but according to Dr. Tommie R. Dahlmann, they do not have to be viewed as inexorable downhill skids to an inevitable end – progressive brain damage with its attendant cognitive, motor and emotional limitations.

Neither should they be seen as “things that just happen,” simply “because you are getting older.”  In the You Can HaveYour Brains Back! webinar, Dr. Dahlmann, through her personal experience and medical knowledge regarding recurrent mini-strokes, aims to bring hope in recovery to those who have experienced them, and educate those who wish to prevent them.

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You Can Have Your Brains Back!


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