Your Relationships and Your Health

David Ajibade, MBBS (MD), MMGT
Dr. David Ajibade

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Job Title / Position: Author, Speaker, Educator, Co-Founder, Building Strength, LLC

Website: Building Strength Webinars

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Our relationships exert a profound and far reaching effect on every aspect of our lives – from the quality of our health, to the sort of career we choose, to whether or not we are able to lose weight (and keep those pounds off)…to how long we live.

In this webinar, Dr David will be examining the  various kinds of relationships in our lives in the light of research  findings in various  fields, from the medical and social sciences to gerontology and evolutionary biology (yep, that too). We’ll take a closer look at how relationships -or the lack of them – can effect physiological, biochemical and even anatomical changes in your body.

Finally, we’ll show you how to identify and give due attention to the most important relationships  in your life.

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