Incontinence, The Secret Women Don’t Want To Talk About But Should

The Ear-Brain-Body Connection

Understanding Major Keys to a Long Healthy Life

Becoming Emotionally Intelligent

Dr Block Introduction

Post Webinar

The Benefits of BSW Seminars

Nutritional and Emotional Choices and Issues

Why and How the Building Strength Webinars Can Enhance Work Community and Personal Living

Mental and Emotional Health Category

How Visual Stress Affects Learning and Behavior

Oral Health, with Edgar Luna, DDS


Diabetes Care in Nigeria

Your Brain, Your Body, and Nutraceuticals, with Dr Dayo Ajibade

Cancer: How Deadly? with Dr AR Oyesegun

An Overview Of Health

Nutritional Deficiencies of Prescription Medication with Ray Solano

Glutathione and Diabetes with James Spencer

Glutathione and Cancer with James Spencer

Glutathione and Heart Disease with James Spencer

Glutathione and Autoimmune Disease with James Spencer

Vitamin D3 for Health with Jackie Harvey

Keys To Optimal Weight Management Especially For Diabetics And Borderline Diabetics

The Doctor Is In with Austin White

Integrating Spiritual Care with Drs Panel

Gentle Steps To Health And Happiness

The Many Faces Of The Struggling Reader

Raising a Strong Family: Relationships and going on family vacation

The Philosophy About Marriage And How To Make It Work

Raising a Strong Family: What to do when your young kids act up

How To Never Go On a Diet Again

Living with Diabetes with Norma DeVault

Pathway To Health with Norma DeVault

Balancing Menstrual Hormones

Helping Your Child Through Art Therapy

Coping With The Holidays While Grieving

Turning Celiac Into Service Unleashing Your Passion and Life Purpose, with Alice Bast of NFCA

Financial Health: Intro

From Headaches to Heartaches: How a Dentist Can Save Your Life

Helping Your Child Through Art Therapy

Insulin Resistance with Barry Sears

Irlen Overlays and Irlen Spectral Filters

Maintaining Oral Health with Edgar Luna

Mercury Toxicity Fact or Fiction with Edgar Luna

Nurturing yourself as a caregiver with Linda Lee Ratto

Support for the Irlen Method

Why Different People Eat Different Foods, with Dr Kulisz

Dr Oyesegun’s CV

Are You Getting All The LOVE You Want? Daniela Aradanov

Flow III: YOU Can Unclog Your Arteries!

Dr Barry Sears and The ZONE on CardioVascular Health

Article: The Top 3 Mistakes That Powerful and Independent SUCCESSFUL Women Make with Men, with Daniela Aradanov

Body Fat Distribution and Breast Cancer Risk: Findings from the Nigerian Breast Cancer Study

Pictures of Advanced Cancer Cases

PowerPoint Presentation on AIDS-Related Malignancies

Oral Kaposi Sarcoma – Before and After


Blossom Neurorehabilitation Center Video Intro with Dr Owolabi

Stress: The Silent Killer Part II

Stress: The Silent Killer

What’s The ONE Thing Standing Between You and Disease?

NanoSilver Series Information Page

Your Body’s Life Waves

Video Summaries of All Dr Sears’ Presentations

Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace and Home, with Linda Lee Ratto

Linda’s work with The Grief Process

Linda’s work on Youth and Navigating the Healthcare System – Short TIPS:

Violence & the School Leader, with Linda Lee Ratto

LifeWave Webpage, with Steven Haltiwanger, MD and David Schmidt

Managing Anxiety– So It Doesn’t Manage You, with Elizabeth Owings, MD

Your “Body Burden” of Industrial Chemicals, By Vicki Latham P.A.-C.

Dr. David Ajibade


Managing Anxiety– So It Doesn’t Manage You, with Elizabeth Owings, MD

Xylitol-8 Grams Per Day Can Keep The Dentist Away!!!!

New Weight Loss Secret, with Rob Sugar, NLP

Healthy Relationships – Healthy YOU Part 1, with Daniela Aradanov

Living Fully After Loss, with Dr Coralease Ruff

Living Fully After Loss, with Dr Coralease Ruff

If Your Teeth Could Speak…with Lorie Stevens, DMD

Messages From Your Host

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body

The Truth About Coffee

Longevity and Vitality with Protandim

Protandim: The Road to Healthy Living

Turning Celiac Into Service Unleashing Your Passion and Life Purpose

Creating a Positive Cash Flow Is Possible and Can Be Fun!

Beyond Organic: Healthy Foods and Beverages You’ll LOVE to Eat

Personal Detoxification and the Truth About Zeolites

The Electrical Properties of Cancer and Nutrition

Detox and Spring Cleaning for Health

Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Importance of Iodine to Health

DNA Guided Wellness

Optimal Immune Health

Protecting Your Brain/Mind

Restoring Wellness to America

Stopping Heart Disease In Our Lifetime

The Healing Power of Humor

An Evening of Miracles

Tuning Your Genome

You Create Your Brain with Dave Sheldon

Longevity – The REAL Benefit of a Healthy Mouth

Xylitol: The X Factor in Preventative Dentistry

Mastering The 4 Steps Necessary To Manifest What You Really Want, with Ken Coscia

For Educators and Parents: Helpful Tips and Practical Strategies for Children Struggling In School Part I

I’m CRAZY About My Husband!

How To Treat ANY Ear Infection, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Importance of Strong Family Relationships to Health, with Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman, RN, INTRO

Raising Boys Versus Raising Girls, with Kim Goodman, RN

Instilling a Strong Work Ethic in Your Children, with Kim Goodman, RN

Your Choices Determine Your Destiny, with Kim Goodman, RN

The Family That Eats Together…with Kim Goodman

Parenting on The SAME Page, with Kim Goodman

Formula to Address Child Behavior Problems

Simple Steps to Quit Smoking (or any bad habit… and replace it with good ones) with Dave Sheldon CPC

Discover 3 Secrets to Lose Weight Easier, with Rob Sugar, NLP

Brain Differences and The Sexes

Tips and Exercises While working or Taking a Break

Cancer and Toxins I

Cancer and Toxins II: Steps to Effective Detoxification

Cancer and Toxins III – What’s In My Food?

I’m Crazy About My Husband!

Health and Life Through Our Words

Compassionate Communication

Sacred Quiet Times

Parenting and Health

Living At The End of Life

The Sugar Called Trehalose

Healthy Coffee and The Red Mushroom

Fundamentals of Nutrition

Nutrition and The Brain

The Miracle of Trehalose

Vitamin D and Human Health

Understanding Glycobiology

The Science Behind Aloe,The Healing Plant Part II

Zeolites, and The Science of Detoxification

The Science Behind Aloe: The Healing Plant

The Synergistic Benefits of Chocolates and Zeolites

The Synergistic Benefits of Chocolate and Zeolites

Personal Detoxification in An Increasingly Toxic World

Why Different People Eat Different Foods

The Evolution of Food


Recent Advances in Protandim (Science and Benefits)

Dr. David Ajibade

Intelligent Nutritional Supplementation

Juicing Your Way To Feeling and Looking Good

Vitamin K and Overall Health

The Science of Detoxification Part 1

Basics of Cell Biology

Dr. David Ajibade

Understanding Your Gastrointestinal System

Dr. David Ajibade

Glyconutrients and YOU

The Story of Spirulina and Two Immune System Pioneers (FREE Access Video)


Aspects of Basic Genetics and The Human Genome Project

Dr. David Ajibade

Embracing, Building, and Sustaining a Philosophy of Strength

Immune System Modulation with Agaricus Blazei

Immunology Basics

Dr. David Ajibade

Improving Your Body’s Defensive Capabilities

Quality of Life: Your Right, Your Choice, Your Opportunity

Dr. David Ajibade

The Balance Within: Understanding Your Endocrine System

Dr. David Ajibade

The Battle Within: Understanding Your Immune System

Dr. David Ajibade

The Human Brain: Your Master Control System

Dr. David Ajibade

The Importance of Antioxidants

Dr. David Ajibade

Acid Base Balance Part I

Dr. David Ajibade

Acid Base Balance Part II

Dr. David Ajibade

Understanding Your Cardiovascular System

Dr. David Ajibade

Words, and How they Affect Our Health (Free Video)

Wisdom of The Body

A New Approach to Cellular Health and Repair

Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Make Stem Cells

Optimizing Oxygen and Antioxidant Efficiency for Peak Performance

Achieving Optimal Wellness

The Power of Prevention

Your Electric Body (Dangers of The Electronic Age)

Six Steps to Wellness

Attitude, Empowerment, and Survival

Dr. David Ajibade

The Case For Strength

Sleep Disorders: Common Medical Interventions

Discovering Health & Wellness with Your Divine Compass

Cracking The Stem Cell Code

Dr. David Ajibade

Aging Gracefully

The Quest For Longevity

Understanding Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The Keys to Longevity

5 things Every Retiree Must Know in 2010

Anti-Aging: Working with Your Body’s Wisdom Instead of Against It

Normal Aging

Dehydration and Aging

The Seven Aspects of Being Human/Healthy Aging

Caregiver Stress Syndrome

Psychoactive Drug Effects and Public Safety

Urinary Incontinence

Bad Ideas in Medicine

Cholesterol, Hormones, Hot Flashes and More

Informed Consent

Whole Person Healthcare Model

Reflexology: The Unique Technique To Wellbeing

Unraveling The Secret Medicine of Essential Oils

The Liver and Biliary System in Health and Disease

Fall Maintenance for Your Body

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Steps to Successful Self-Dentistry

Podiatric (Foot) Care

Retirement Planning Concepts: The Path to Financial Prosperity

Reduce Stress by Reducing Taxes

The Solution to The Health Care Crisis!

Your Finances and Your Health

Chiropractic In 3-D

Conditioning for Longevity

Exercise is Like Faith

Addressing Attitudes About Aging

Muscle Mass Part I

Muscle Mass Part II

Muscle Mass Part III

The Importance of Exercise

Let’s Talk About Hormones

Men’s Hormonal Balance, with Jackie Harvey

Anti-Aging Medicine and the Role of Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Hormone Balance: An Important Key to Healthy Aging

Women’s Hormonal Balance

Vitamin D3 and Hormone Health

Hormone Health for Women

Thyroid Health

Renegade Beauty

Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement Therapy in Both Men and Women

Hormonal Therapy: A Basic Clinical Approach

Advances in Estrogen Compounds

Understanding Hormones

PMS & Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome



The Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin K

The Most Powerful AntiOxidant Ever?

Renew! Repair! Rejuvenate! – Increasing Your Body’s Ability to Produce Stem Cells

Overcoming My Education

The Importance of Supplements


Vitamin D and Parkinson’s

Introduction to Glycobiology

BioEnergetics Takes on the Healing of the Planet

Just Say NO! to Heart Disease

Management of the Pelvic Mass

Dr. David Ajibade

Understanding and Controlling Inflammation

Understanding the Mechanisms of Pain

Real People, Real Results

Invisible Killers

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

How to Work With Your Body to Produce Advanced Pain Solutions

Unwind That Wound

Anti-Inflammation Zone

Optimizing Bone Health and Body Composition

Cobroxin: Breakthrough in The Treatment of Pain

Cancer and Micronutrients

How Prolotherapy Halts Chronic Pain

Fertility Preservation in Cancer Survivors

Innovations in Wound Care and Wound Healing

Low Back Disorders

Mercury Toxicity: Fact or Fiction?

Saving The Human Heart, A Nobel Prize Winning Approach

Toxic Fat Syndrome

Understanding and Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Understanding Cancer

What Affects Your Mouth Affects Your Body

Winning The Fight Against Bugs

Your Best Defense Against Superbugs and The Upcoming Pandemics

Dr. David Ajibade

Fat Loss and Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight

Common Sense to Alzheimer’s Disease

TMJ: A Life or Death Matter?

Keys To Heart Health


Prostate Cancer: Myths, Facts and Fallacies

What Happens in the Mouth Doesn’t Stay in the Mouth

Anatomy a Heart Attack: What You Need to Know to Prevent One

Intentional Sexuality

Cancer and Toxins 1: How Toxic Are You?

Antioxidants and Chemotherapy

A Practical Guide to Overcoming Diabetes Naturally

Taking Care of a Loved One with Cancer

The Seeds of Immortality

5 Keys to Healthy Weight Loss in 2011

Osteoporosis: A European Doctor’s Perspective

Heart Health and Hormones

Osteoporosis, The Bone Chilling Truth

Anatomy of a Heart Attack

Five Keys to Enduring Weight Loss

Taking Care of a Loved One with Cancer

The Importance of Iodine to Health

The Importance of Insulin Resistance

Cancer is Preventable!

Kiss Diets and Yo-Yo Diets Goodbye II

Kiss Diets and Yo-Yo Diets Goodbye I

Hormone Balance and Breast Cancer

Healthier Living with Greater Anti-Inflammatories

Your Brain On Fire!

Be Sweet To Your Heart!

The Key to Heart Health

Learn How to Improve Your Cognitive and Emotional Health!

How Much Weight Can You Carry?

The Other Side of Cholesterol

Metabolic Syndrome: The 21st Century Epidemic

Pure, White, and Deadly!

Nutritional Support in Cancer Treatment

Calcium Metabolism

Cancer Treatment, European Natural Approaches

Dementias: Getting A Diagnosis

The Metabolic Model Of Aging

Metabolic Makeover

From Headaches to Heartaches: How a Dentist Can Save Your Life

Dreams, Drawings, and Images

The Power Of Words

Human Potential

TBI, Concussion, Whiplash and Light Sensitivity Solution

Irlen Syndrome, a Type of Light Sensitivity

Your Life and Your Health (Stories of Cancer Survival)

Nutritional and Emotional Choices in Dealing with Cancer

Intelligent Treatment Choices

I Learned I Have Cancer Now What?

Dr. David Ajibade

Cancer: Taking Charge

The Importance of Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Nutrition and Pulmonary Conditions

The Fundamentals of Oral Health

The Health Benefits of Gratitude and Giving

Awakening Your Inner Genius

Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease

The Wisdom of the Body – in Pictures

The Heart-Brain Connection

How To Stay Calm, Healthy and Focused-Even Under Pressure

Dr. David Ajibade

Your Thoughts and Your Health

Living Life After Loss

Dr. David Ajibade

From Stress to Strength Part I

From Stress to Strength Part II

How God Changes Your Brain

Navigating Uncertainty: How to Stay Resilient In Challenging Times

Rejuvenating Intimacy Naturally

Spirituality, Religion and Health: Understanding The Relationships and What To Do About Them

The Healthy Heart and Stress

The Wisdom of the Body

Coping with Loss

You Can Have Your Brains Back!

Think and Grow Thin: How Mindful Eating Changes Your Brain

Surviving Cancer: Winning The Battle in Your Heart and Mind

Dr. David Ajibade

Your Relationships and Your Health

Living Fully After Loss

Rebuilding Your Life after the Loss of a Spouse

Depression and Your Health

Stress and Your Hormones

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Stress and Sensory Processing

Eight Best Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Fight or Flight: How to Help Yourself Cope with This Dilemma

Dr. David Ajibade

Understanding The Negative Effects Stress Can Have On Your Body and What to Do About Them

Exercises for Dealing with Visual Stress When Working at Your Computer

The Eight Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy And Strong

Visual Stress

ADD Mastery

Visual Stress and Chronic Migraines

Autism and Visual Stress

Rescuing our Children’s Educational Future

Autism – How Cutting Edge Paradigms Apply

Autism: What Does It Mean?

Awakening Your Child’s Inner Genius

Brain Development and Accelerated Learning

Maximizing Your Brain Power

Toxin Free Pregnancies

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and Visual Stress

Understanding The Inner World of The Grieving Child

ADD: Myths, Misconceptions and Mastery

ADD: Do You Need To Medicate?

For Educators and Parents: Helpful Tips and Practical Strategies for Children Struggling In School Part II

How to Treat Any Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Intelligent Ways to Build Muscle Strength In Kids Part I

Intelligent Ways to Build Muscle Strength In Kids Part II

For Educators and Parents: Helpful Tips and Practical Strategies for Children Struggling with Reading and Writing Part IlI

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Discovery of Irlen Syndrome

Holiday Blues Amid Holiday Glitter/Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Living well With and Through CHANGE

The Seven Laws of Life

Eicosanoids, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Human Health

All About Protandim