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Paul & Carol BeckNaturopathic Doctor and Entrepreneur

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Dr. Paul Beck (pictured here with his wife Dr Carol) owned Environmental Systems Research and Air Purification of Oklahoma for more than a decade.   He manufactured custom air and water purification equipment for home, office and industrial use.

Dr. Paul Beck has lectured across the United States and Canada on various health topics.   Paul has done countless 30 minute, 1 hour and 2 hour radio programs.

Dr. Carol Beck invented a First to Market Category Creator product line, which includes high energy liquid harmonic products consisting of herbs, essential oils, flower essences, minerals, enzymes and many other powerful ingredients.   They enhanced these products with German energy technologies. These 110 different formulations are sold only through various health practitioners throughout the United States.

Drs. Paul & Carol, became Naturopathic doctors in 1996, owning Wellness God’s Way, with Dr. Paul specializing in the most difficult health problems including mutated cells.  They owned an Electro Bio-feedback Body Scan a well as the most up to date high tech electronic therapy devices.

Drs. Paul and Carol Beck have been hired as product formulators, including launching new products using enzyme therapies.