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Michael Carnevale

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At the age of 16, Michael began his fitness and nutrition career while working for fitness legend, Jack Lalanne. This helped support his athletic career from collegiate through professional baseball, all along staying connected with the Jack Lalanne organization. After his athletic career ended, Michael continued in the fitness and nutrition industry and in the late 80’s through the late 90’s established his own chain of personal fitness centers called Workout Partners of America. This is where he supported all aspects of an individual’s personal fitness and nutrition commitment, as well as mentoring hundreds of personal training professionals.

In early 2000, Michael’s fitness program drew the attention of the The Zone bestselling author and well known nutrition guru, Dr. Barry Sears. Both Michael and Dr. Sears truly believed that without placing the proper guided and balanced nutrition plan in front of the exercise, a person would never reach their ultimate goals. Henceforth, the Zonefit concept was born. Michael’s fitness and nutrition career has spanned almost three decades and he is now poised to lead this cutting-edge organization to exponential growth.

A graduate of Queens College (CUNY), Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Michael currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.