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When Carol Keppler was diagnosed in 1983 at the age of 50 with a serious health condition, she chose to follow an alternative path to wellness. During her healing process Carol discovered that she was able to intuit what others needed to support their health and well-being. The first program she designed combined diet with herbs and multiple supplements.

Over time she began to identify the body’s health potential in terms of “cellular frequencies” and soon realized that it would take more herbs than could reasonably be consumed to provide the progressively higher frequencies the body required for self-repair. This led to the investigation of new technologies and the discovery of a method for transferring frequencies to water. Finally there was an easy, inexpensive way for people to increase their cellular vibrational capacity to the levels needed for radical wellness.

The result was the creation of subtle energy formulas for deep cellular cleansing and the AltWaters™ System.

Today, Carol is the founder and CEO of Altwaters Technology and an accidental pioneer in the field of water-based energy medicine. She is also a Master Energy intuitive with clients worldwide.