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Mr. Drapeau is an author (Cracking The Stem Cell Code), research scientist and neurophysiologist with over thirteen years of research experience in the fields of natural foods and nutrition. While pursuing scientific research in collaboration with various universities and research centers on the health benefits of certain botanical raw materials, he has lectured on nutrition to thousands of people since 1994, presenting profound health information and insights with clarity and humor.

Mr. Drapeau has been the Director of Research and Development at Cell Tech International and then Desert Lake Technologies, before co-founding STEMTech HealthSciences and becoming its Chief Science Officer. Based on research he produced and information he researched produced by numerous scientific teams, Mr. Drapeau and his collaborators proposed in 2001 a breakthrough theory on adult stem cell physiology. He is the co-inventor of the revolutionary product StemEnhance and author of the Stem Cell Theory of Renewal, detailed in his new book Cracking the Stem Cell Code.

Mr. Drapeau received a Bachelor’s degree in Neurophysiology from McGill University, Montreal, in 1987 and a Master’s degree from the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery from the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University, Montreal, in 1991.

For more information on Mr. Drapeau’s very revealing book, visit his personal website.