Godby, Dennis

Dennis Godby, M.A., N.D.

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Contact Information: DrGodby@SacND.com

Dennis is a California-licensed naturopathic doctor. He earned his medical degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

“My goal as a naturopathic doctor and teacher is to assist patients in living to their fullest health potential, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Preventing illness is the ultimate goal in naturopathy. However, when a person becomes out of balance and has a “dis-ease,” the first principle of naturopathic doctors is to do no harm – to utilize the most natural, non-toxic, and the least invasive therapies first. Another high priority for an ND is finding the underlying cause(s)of illness, not merely treating symptoms, therefore, hundreds of diagnostic and functional medical labs are available to help diagnose.”

In order for any treatment plan to work, it must be practical, easy to understand and implement, affordable, and most importantly, it must be prescribed and individualized for each patients’ needs. The only ideal treatment plan is one that patients will actually commit to using.

We are an innovative natural medicine clinic focusing on helping people of all ages improve the quality of their lives by optimizing their health, restoring vitality, and preventing and reversing disease – especially diabetes & other chronic illnesses that make it difficult for people to live their lives to their fullest potential.”

Dr. Godby is the founder and director of midtown-located Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center/Diabetes Natural Path Center – a professional primary care natural medicine clinic committed to helping all people reach their full health potential – mind, body and spirit. Patients receive an individualized and practical treatment program that addresses the causes of the dis-eases and the obstacles to cure and stimulate the body’s healing using evidence-based, non-toxic therapies and specific preventative lifestyle changes for a healthier, more energetic and balanced life.

Dr. Godby also holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology and nutrition. After receiving his M.A. in Theological Studies in 1990, Dr. Godby taught social justice and non-violence at the high school level for seven years, and has been a community activist since 1981. He is an avid runner, completing more than 40,000 lifetime miles, including a 3,006 mile run across the U.S. for peace in Central America in 1984-1985.